XA(T,H)S 37-97


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Product Description

The range

The HardHat™ range is built around a single axle Series 7 oil injected rotary screw compressor module. The XAS 37, XAS 47 are powered by a choice of Kubota D905 or D1105 three-cylinder engines. The XAHS 37, XAS 47, XAS 57, XA(T)S 67, XAS 77 and XAS 97 are Deutz 2011 two- or three-cylinder engine powered. All models will provide a reliable source of compressed air to drive pneumatic tools. These can include chipping and jackhammers, nut runners, grinders and rammers. High free air delivery applications, such as sandblasting, are also covered. As with all Atlas Copco compressors, a wide range of options is available.

Heavy-duty filter

All models are fitted with a single, high performance two-stage air intake filter with service indicator as standard. Proven to prevent dust and dirt entering the engine and the compressor, the filter combines a long service interval with high efficiency.

Improved serviceability

The side panels, rear baffle and one-piece canopy are made from durable polyethylene. The canopy is raised via self-supporting twin gas struts. The side panels and baffles are simple to remove. Excellent service access reduces downtime and cuts ownership costs.

Low operational cost, high fuel autonomy

Atlas Copco has unrivalled experience in optimizing portable compressor efficiency. All models are fitted with a stepless, fully automatic regulator. This constantly varies the engine speed according to air demand for reduced power and fuel consumption. Looking for a compressor to run long shifts with no need to refuel? Choose a HardHat.

High efficiency and longevity

Matching an efficient engine and precision-engineered Atlas Copco compressor element guarantees high efficiency, reduced wear and an extended service life.

Designed for the environment

All HardHat™ compressors meet current European and US legal requirements relating to the working environment and regulations concerning safety, exhaust emissions and noise.
Kubota D905, D1105 and Deutz 2011 engines fully comply with COM III and TIER II exhaust emission regulations. All models comply with the outdoor noise directive 2000/14/EC Stage II.
Atlas Copco has fully implemented its Environmental Management System into the design and manufacturing process of the machines, fulfilling the requirements of ISO 14001.

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