XA(T,H)S 37-97 Dd


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Product Description

Atlas Copco delivers an innovative range of single axle, oil injected rotary screw compressors. It comprises models XAHS 37, XAS 47, XAS 57, XA(T)S 67, XAS 77 & XAS 97. Powered by the Deutz engine,this range provides a reliable source of compressed air to drive pneumatic tools including chipping- and jackhammers, nutrunners, grinders and rammers. The models are available with a steel or HardHat™ canopy. A HardHat™ canopy is tough. Really tough. It is designed to be highly impact resistant and in a tough working environment, this really pays off!

Technical Data

XA(T,H)S-37-97-Dd---d1 XA(T,H)S-37-97-Dd---d2